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Dec 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
smith -- broken up. 28nver hangs on to win 45- taking a one-game lead in the division. eagles, over the middle, taking it 43 yards. tied at seven. later in the second, nick. fire. 19 having zero kahneman no interceptions -- 19-0, no interceptions. quarter, again, a strike to zach for a 24-yard touchdown. eagles win 24-21. --ston has seen the patriots hosting the patriots. a seven-yard touchdown. 28-24. two minutes later, texas strikes back. running in for a 10-yard touchdown. 31-28, second. attempted game, steven a 53-yarder and it is good. that would be the game-winner. patriots win 34-31. vikings second quarter, patterson lines up in the back. take the pitch, breaks the tackle, goes 33 yards for the td. 7-3. first-order, throwing a deep for jeffrey. does he get it? afraid i'm a no. -- afraid, no. 834-yard field goal attempt is good. the vikings win 23-20. a name foring themselves as they beat miami and had a david and goliath matchup today. you want to see this. -- pass,y, third-place sticking the jumper. in the second half, going up a point. ,ook out for your man there down low,
Dec 3, 2013 12:35am EST
that almost put her on death row for her sister's crime. >> and it was nearly the perfect get away. this eagle managed to flee 70 miles after swiping a video camera but he couldn't outfly his ego. we got the mug shot as this bird bandit reveals his identity. >> keep it right here. night line is back in just 60 second >> from new york city this is "night line". >> paul walker was at the center of the $2 billion franchise that sent him on the fast track to fame. he lived vicariously through his daredevil stunts now hitting too close to home. we have the latest details on the charity event this weekend where things took a turn for the tragic. >> reporter: those blue eyes, that smile, that lead foot. for paul walker it was a recipe for hollywood success. he rose to fame in the fast and furious block busters, those street racing epics, six movies in all that earned urine vestal studios over $2 billion worldwide but now this is his hollywood ending. a fiery crash that killed the 40-year-old actor and his friend. the red porsche so mangled that it was unrecognizable. calling into the question the fat
Dec 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
its way eastward. it made for near whiteout conditions. it was an unwelcome intruder at the eagles game. the foul weather did not spoil the whole for these eagles fans. they dressed the part. the storm has left behind a trail of casualties. in milwaukee, at least 30 vehicles were caught in this chain reaction crash. one person died in another accident. >> i was going five miles an hour. >> ice contributed to many accidents. just passed two multi-car collisions. probably six or eight cars, both of them, within half a mile. >> treacherous roads got the better of many drivers. dangerous conditions are expected to continue. >> driving is treacherous. slow down and give people plenty of room. don't follow too close. >> professionals are struggling to make roads safe. >> the ice has snow on top of it and you can't see the underlying layers. be careful and get things cleared off. >> at dallas airport, only three of seven runways are operating. almost half the scheduled flights were scandal -- canceled sunday. that means thousands of unhappy campers. >> i'm starting to begin to be frustrat
Dec 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
eagle caught in the act see dealing a -- stealing a camera. he forgot to turn the camera off. rangers were using the cameras to report crocodiles and you can see the birds journey through the air. ranger found the camera about 70 miles from the spot where it was taken. hilarious. still ahead, jacqui is back with another lo >> "50 shades of grey" producers are planning to make two different versions of the film so that they can make a more explicit version and release a version to theaters. an rilm is expected to get rating and an nc-17 rating. going has just begun. the movie was expected to be released next august but now it looks like fans will have to wait until february 2015. i think i will stick to seeing the movie "frozen." good old disney. is area cry it -- air the weather is very quiet. we will be on the upswing with temperatures near 50 degrees and near 60 on thursday. >> get out and enjoy it whil [dramatic music] ♪ >> hey! [cheers and applause] what up, baby? what's happening? what up? hey, what up, dog? what up? what up? what up? [speaking indistinctly] hey! hey! >> hi. i'
Dec 2, 2013 6:30pm EST
selfie. an eagle snatched a video camera that scientists set up to record crocodiles in australia, capturing its own wings flapping, what a give away and later its own curious face. scientists say next time they plan to bolt the camera down. >>> the rare gold up for auction tonight, one of the gold medals jesse owens won in the olympics. he shattered a record, issues a challenge against racial bigotry. finishing in the games in nazi germany. this is the medal he gave to his friend, bill bow jangles robinson. there on your left there with owens. the whereabouts of the other three gold medals are unknown. >>> it's the yearly tradition, the song about the 12 days of christmas. this year the total would be $27,393. nine ladies dancing are charging 20% more this year. ten lords of leaping can be a bargain. 8 maids a milking, exactly the same price. in? the federal minimum wage is still $7.27 an hour. >>> next tonight, the perfect play, a moment of victory everyone is still talking about it. look at it. is this the greatest last second touchdown ever? play of the week when we get back.
Dec 6, 2013 6:30pm EST
. over in australia, a sea eagle ste a ranger's camera, filmed his 70 mile flight, and snapped a selfie. while baby evie stole her mom's cell phone and filmed a video selfie. back to those detroit dancers. so kimmel had them on for round two. and he called it as a tie. that was the instant index. i'm nick watt. >> and next tonight, america's most outrageous anchor man is back. coming up. my boyfriend has a lot of can't-miss moments. i checked out the windows phones and saw the lumia 1020 has 41 megapixels. so i can zoom way in even after i take the picture. and i can adjust the shot before i take it so i get it exactly how i want. so, i went with a windows phone. maybe i just see things other people don't. ♪onestly ♪ i wanna see you be brave ♪ you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. when i first felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning like i was
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6